An infertility diagnosis can be devastating. My purpose in sharing this book is to help relieve your sorrows, confront your fears and provide you and your spouse the tools you need to pursue an exciting and hopeful future. It is my hope that it will help you find the key to unlocking your happiness, finding joy in every day and in one another.

The most important truth contained herein; YOU ARE NOT ALONE

• 6.1 million American women have been diagnosed as "infertile"

• Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples

• And most importantly, you have a loving spouse standing beside you in this journey.

I hope that this study in how my spouse and I made it through the maze that Infertility creates can help you and yours travel it more easily. Let this book be your road map, or the tool you need to create your own path.

An excerpt from
Embracing Your Infertility

The idea of motherhood is the focus of your life.  It is the root of every thought you have, the nagging little splinter in your side that keeps you from enjoying any holiday or vacation or any breath you take.  And right now, you feel that if you have to live a childless life, it might not really be worth living.  You are willing to undergo any treatment, spend any amount of money, travel anywhere in the world, to become a mother.  You think it is impossible to accept your infertility, much less embrace it.  I hope that I can help you, and I hope that you will be open to that help.  I know you can change the way you view your life, and come to not only accept but embrace the hand that life has dealt you.  I hope that you will come to see it as a blessing, and a gift that few can appreciate, a blessing of sorts; not a curse. 

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